Raised : 166.720.000 coins

Target : coins

Price : 0.0035 $

KOC Knowledge Octagy Coin

Time is Knowledge

The Knowledge Octagy Coin (KOC) aims to turn your acquired knowledge into a tangible return on investment. The KOC token allows you to value learning time, so that it is financially profitable for all.


A dynamic sharing of knowledge between learners and teachers valued by the KOC token.


Octagy facilitates learning by reconciling knowledge and remuneration.


Distribution of KOC tokens to reward the effort invested in learning.


Building on Web3, our project democratizes access to cutting-edge education, harnessing the power of 5G for an enriched learning experience. Through these advances, the project offers revolutionary accessibility facilitating secure transactions through blockchain.

By allowing the integration of major payment systems such as blockchain networks (Ethereum, Bitcoin, etc.) or conventional systems such as MasterCard, Visa or Paypal, KOC is a real bridge between the traditional and digital financial worlds for knowledge.



In an ever-changing world, access to training is a major challenge. Promoting access to education is essential to meet the needs of today’s populations. The mission of the KOC token is to decentralize and simplify access to training worldwide, and knowledge exchange, through the development of a digital platform and the creation of this token via blockchain. The vision of the project is to promote the sharing of knowledge and the remuneration of actors through the knowledge economy token, the KOC.




At the launch of the ICO, 10 billion KOC tokens can be purchased. This period lasts six months, where the value of a KOC token will be 0.0025 € during the first two months, then 0.0035 € for the next two months, and finally for the last two months, the value of the KOC token will be estimated at 0.0040 €.

This phase of the ICO represents a crucial step in our vision to transform the learning economy. Investors have the opportunity to participate in an initiative that aims to redefine the way we access and share knowledge. In addition, buying KOC tokens will allow you to add value to your wallet.

Become a key player by participating in a promising and innovative project on a global scale.

Road map

KOC aims to develop a place of sharing anchored in a precise vision: democratizing access to knowledge. The project depends on a transparent and fair business model, registered in the blockchain

Birth of the KOC project. Implementation of a roadmap.

Preparation of the file for obtaining the optional PSAN approval from the AMF. Preparation of the platform model.

Optional visa application and launch of ICO/preparation with teams.

End of the ICO and development of the first version of the platform.

Start of collaboration with schools.


Octagy, the knowledge platform, will revolutionize the training market. Becoming the essential economic and functional tool, it will facilitate the connection between all actors, including learners, content creators, artificial intelligence, businesses, schools and training organizations. With a wide range of courses available, covering various areas such as office automation, health, marketing, and even some certifying (up to level 7), Octagy offers a multitude of learning options.

On this innovative platform, the KOC token becomes the virtual currency, allowing users to finance the training of their choice. Thus, Octagy offers a new approach to valuing learning, while offering the possibility of being paid in KOC tokens.

An innovative, inclusive, and sustainable approach

Thanks to our K.O.C (Knowledge Octagy Coin) token system, we enable everyone, regardless of their background or financial resources, to access quality education/training. By focusing on accumulating tokens through engagement and active learning, we transform education into a motivating and rewarding experience.

A positive social impact on a global scale

Scholarships and training funding, financing of school construction projects in the regions that need them the most, thus contributing to the education and economic development of disadvantaged communities.

KOC presale

Raised : 166.720.000
Target :
Price : 0.0035$

Participating in this ICO is of great interest as our project aims to highlight the KOC token as an educational currency.

Participating in this ICO is therefore not only an investment opportunity, but also an open door to access quality education for all and a new form of remuneration in the field of online education.



Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies, relying on blockchain, a distributed ledger technology, to ensure transparency and security. They are characterized by their decentralized nature, operating without the intervention of central banks, which gives them autonomy in the global financial system.

Knowledge Process is the parent company of a group of companies focused on new technologies and skills development. She holds the training organization OCTAGY, and instructs the KOC project. It aims to expand access to education and revolutionize the learning economy.

The KOC is a token/token that is a unit of value issued by Knowledge Process, the parent company. The KOC token is based on an existing blockchain which is Polygon (Ethereum).

The KOC token is designed to value and reward engagement in educational activities within the OCTAGY platform and on educational content from external sources. It functions as a virtual currency allowing users to access educational content and participate in training. The KOC token also offers you the possibility to trade it in cryptocurrency markets, thus offering an investment and liquidity dimension to the digital asset.

There are three ways to obtain KOCs:

First, you can acquire KOC tokens by purchasing during the ICO period, where 10 billion KOC tokens will be available for purchase.

Second, you can get tokens during the distribution of the 60 billion KOC tokens:

When opening a validated account, you will get 10 KOC tokens immediately, and a bonus of 300 KOC if you have a diploma equivalent to a bac+2 or higher.

Your commitment to educational content whether by consultation or broadcast on different media such as Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, TedX, etc., generates 1 KOC every 4 hours per person

As a content creator, you will receive additional KOC tokens.

Third, after the 60 billion KOC distribution phase, you will still be able to acquire KOC tokens by producing content or buying on exchanges.

An account may be validated through the KYC (Know Your Customer) process by providing personal information and submitting verifiable identification documents. This procedure will verify the identity of the user, thus guaranteeing the legitimacy of his account. Once the user has submitted the required documents, the verification team will review the information provided to ensure its accuracy and authenticity.

There are two ways to buy KOC tokens.

You can get them directly from koc.fr during and after the ICO period.

You also have the possibility to buy KOC through exchanges that have validated the token, especially on Uniswap post ICO.

An ICO or otherwise called Initial Coin Offering is a form of crowdfunding used by blockchain startups. During an ICO, a company creates and sells digital tokens in exchange for other cryptocurrencies like ether. This allows startups to raise funds while building a community of users motivated by the valuation of pre-purchased tokens. ICOs offer a unique opportunity to invest in promising projects from the start, with the potential for significant gains if the project succeeds.

To invest, it is enough to convert the desired amount of cryptocurrency into tokens adapted to the project, allowing to follow the process of issuing the ICO.